Monday, February 12, 2018

Hello Everyone!

Pink Vail 2018 fast approaches, and Team Don’t Go It Alone will participate again in our fourth event.

Please take a look at the video link and the article below to learn about a new component of the “Spirit of Survival Program” at Shaw Cancer Center.

Watch the video here: 

Thursday, March 3, 2016
Hello to all,

Just a quick note to let you know that Team “Don’t Go It Alone” will be participating in the Shaw Cancer “Pink Vail” annual fundraiser again this year.  Thank you very much for your support in 2015.  Our team raised over $21,000 for the cause.  The total effort raised over $700,000.  These funds directly support the Spirit of Survival program which is a major component of effectively treating cancer patients.

Below are links to a video of Team Don’t Go It Alone on the ski down last year, the Pink Vail 2016 promo video, and the Pink Vail Website.

Team DGIA 2015 Ski Down:

Pink Vail 2016 video:

Pink Vail 2016 website (note the four beauty queens in the photo from Team DGIA):

To participate or contribute in person:

Team DGIA:

My daughter, Audrey, has set up a sub team.  If you would like to contribute via her sub-team, here is the link:

If you will be participating in-person and skiing or hiking with us, please let me know.  We will have a dinner on April 1.  Yes there will be a game and yes there will be pink food.

Questions???  Please email or call me.

Thank you once again and all the best!

Bill Schane

Note:  If you cannot participate this year, I completely understand and very much appreciate your support in 2015.

Note:  If you would like to be removed from my distribution, please send me a reply and let me know.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

First Pink Vail pic for 2016!

Pink Vail           144+  people (some were "teams") opted in for Pink Vail, and we raised $21,806!!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!

To join us, just shoot me an email at (you can click on the button below), saying "I"M IN ON PINK VAIL" or go directly to

Friends and family,

As you have heard, on March 21, along with some other survivors, I will be skiing at Pink Vail, the world's biggest ski day to conquer cancer.  Please join me as a member of Team Don't Go It Alone!  Between now and March, we will be fundraising to reach a goal of $20,000, all of which will benefit patient care and survivorship programs at Shaw Regional Cancer Center.  With your help, I am hoping to make a significant contribution to this cause.   So far, we have nearly 80 potential sponsors!  To date, our team has raised $15,496!

"Team "Don't Go It Alone" is registered at the Pink Vail website and ready for sponsors to sign on.  Basically, you just click on our team's name and scroll down and click again on "join our team."  From there, you can fill out your info, sign additional people up, and make a pledge if you would like to.  Any amount is helpful and appreciated.

I sincerely appreciate all the support you have provided me until now with this journey.  More lies ahead, however, so much has been accomplished.

My thyroid surgery recovery has gone smoothly.  Next up will be a couple months of regenerative work at the Shaw Cancer Center and Minturn Fitness Center in Colorado.

Please spread the word and join us in supporting a great cause! For more information, visit Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
As always, my current status will continue to be posted at on a regular basis.


Bill Schane

Disclaimer on the photo below:  The athlete in this photo is not moving.  The resemblance to a real alpine racer is purely in his imagination!
Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this page is to keep your awareness of my fundraising effort for The Shaw Cancer Center in Edwards, Colorado at the forefront.  
I will likely be receiving chemotherapy there at least once this summer.  This regional center serves the local population in the Vail Valley and surrounding areas.  For the last two years in early April, an event now known as "Pink Vail" is held with the purpose of celebration, raising awareness, and fundraising.  All the lights in the trees in the town are pink that week and on Saturday, a celebration is held on Vail Mountain.  At the end of the day all the cancer survivors ski down together and I fully plan to be part of that group. 
I am having my friend Franz Fuxi make me a custom pink speed suit, which already has some folks very worried.

The link to the 2014 event is at so please check it out.  Make sure you watch the video and you'll get the picture of what this is all about.

I will form a team surprisingly named "Don't Go It Alone" and would like to make you aware of this and offer you an opportunity to support and participate.

To get a head start now, all I need from you if you want to be notified when I get things rolling (January/February) is an email indicating your interest.  Just shoot me an email at (you can click on the button above), saying "I"M IN ON PINK VAIL" and I'll keep your email address and send you info when the time comes.  Please send me your personal address if you are a Boeing employee so that I don't use the Company resources for an outside fundraiser.

Thank you as always for your support!!!