About Don't Go It Alone

Years ago, while in business school, I had some thoughts about how people work together and collaborate.  In thinking about it further, I came to an understanding that we actually do very little by ourselves.  Oftentimes, when we try to do things "my way" or in an isolated manner, the results are sub-optimal. That got me on the path of how truly successful activities are collaborative and that we all need one another at many levels to accomplish what we aim to achieve.  So, I coined the phrase “don’t go it alone” for myself and use that as a guiding principle in my life.

Many people have helped me be the person I am and achieve a level of success and quality of life that surely I wouldn’t have attained otherwise. To all of you, I am grateful for your generosity and partnership.

In 1999, I purchased www.dontgoitalone.com.  I had no idea what I might use it for, and for about 18 months, it sat idle.  On January 6th, 2002, our daughter was born three months premature and my friend, Charles, helped me develop a simple website to communicate the day-to-day of our daughter's early life.
We are now using the site again to communicate the journey as our family deals with cancer.